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Africa Yoga Project
I’ve been working with Zablon Ingosi in Nairobi, Kenya for 2 1/2 years now helping him becomes a certified yoga teacher. COntact me if you want to support this amazing project.

Toronto Body Mind:

Great resource for all things mindfull in TO! Catch a great interview with Michael Siddall and me

Patricia Watt – Nutritionist – A true healer, continuing the ancient woman art of food as medicine

Blake Martin – 416-994-3743 Thai Massage: A wonderful healer – just put yourself in his hands!

Nicola Bird – Self-Imaging Therapy – I have found more self-awareness, compassion and fearlessness through my work with Nicola

Vicda Kenya – I met Irene when I was in Kenya. She is doing extraordianry work to help others. You can go to Kenya and be part of her Voluntoursm program.