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Twenty-one years ago, at the ripe middle-age of 39, I discovered yoga & immediately fell in love with its beauty, grace and challenge. I practiced passionately almost every day for seven years and began to feel that there was something missing from my practice. I wanted something more than physical strength and suppleness. I wanted to practice yoga in a way that embodied a spiritual philosophy. In 2004 I met John Friend, the founder of Anusara yoga. It wasn’t just the powerful alignment principles and the elegant architecture of Anusara yoga that inspired me to dedicate myself to the path of becoming a certified Anusara teacher, it was the extraordinary way that John wove the profound spiritual philosophy of Tantra into the alignment principles that transformed my yoga practice and me! Through John I was introduced to the wonderful meditation teachers and Tantric scholars: Paul Muller-Ortega, Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton & Carlos Pomeda. I have studied Tantric philosophy & meditation with all of them.

I have been teaching yoga for 17 years now. I get so much pleasure and satisfaction from introducing people to the joys and challenges of yoga as well as helping more advanced practitioners deepen their practice. I don’t teach large classes but smaller more intimate groups so I can support each person in their yoga practice in a way that best serves their needs.

My first teacher training was a two year Astanga yoga program in 1998-2000 with Ron Reid and Diane Bruni at Downward Dog.

In 2010 I became a Certified Anusara teacher. I have over 700 hours of Anusara training. I first studied with Robin Golt & Barrie Risman in Montreal then completed my first Ansuara teacher training with Todd Norian in 2005. My trainings with John Friend include his Level I and II Teacher Training, Anusara Philosophy Immersions, Advanced Intensives, Master Immersions & Anusara Therapy Trainings.

I am a classically trained flutist & have enjoyed a life-time of performing and teaching the flute. I like to inspire artistic expression in my yoga students the same way I have encouraged my many flute students to express themselves through music.

I am mother to two wonderful young women & I bring the loving warmth & compassion of a mother into my classes.

On & off my mat I practice embodying the deepest teachings of oneness. My latest passion is Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication. I participated in my first NVC Intensive the 5 years ago and am actively involved in teh Toronto NVC community.